A Subversive Strategy Against Sexuality Doxa: Analysis of Critical Discourse on Heterodoxa Discourse Related Parties In Court in the Constitutional Court

Frans Andreas, Udi Rusadi


This article discusses the resistance strategies of two indirectly related parties, namely the Indonesian Women's Coalition and the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation Foundation in the Constitutional Court session. Related to the judicial review submitted by AILA on Articles 284 and 292 of the Criminal Code. In the aforementioned trial of the petitioner, AILA prosecuted the expansion of legal norms in Articles 284 and 292 of the Criminal Code to the Constitutional Court to exclude or eliminate abnormal, immoral and non-sexual sexual conduct by criminalizing perpetrators. By using Critical Discourse Analysis and Bourdieu's concepts, related to doxa, heterodoxy, and subversive strategies in the discourse of heterodoxy, rresearchersfound that the subversive strategy of KPI and YLBHI in trials is based on the idea of equality of sexuality and is aimed at protecting the interests of minority groups from the arbitrariness of dominant groups who want to impose its particular truth (doxa on sexuality) into national law. The subversive strategy is built by the opposing group on the basis of the life experiences of marginalized groups and the distinctive knowledge that each party has

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7454/igcc.v2i0.100


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