Message Construction in Virtual Community: Netnography Analysis towards Ayah ASI Indonesia Facebook Page

Nicky Stephani, Amelia Debora Meliala, Christian Dotulong, Annisa Khairani, Kevin Lineria, Ahmad Toriq


Ayah ASI is a support movement that focuses on providing the right support for breastfeeding mothers. In the movement, Ayah ASI community voiced the message: breastfeeding is no longer a “mother’s responsibility” but “parents’ (father and mother) responsibility”, in which parents work together to succeed exclusive breastfeeding to children. This study looks at how the messages of breastfeeding were constructed in Ayah ASI Facebook page and how those messages were delivered to the audiences, despite breastfeeding is not an issue that relates to men. We use the concept of message construction, gender (including gender roles and stereotypes), genderlect-style communication, and virtual communities to discuss the composition and style of messages that are communicated through Ayah ASI Facebook page. This study used a qualitative approach with a netnography strategy, in which we analyzed 93 posts in questions and answers format contained in Ayah ASI Facebook page. As the results, there are three messages that are constructed: breastfeeding is described as an activity filled with pressure, full of myths, and closely related to the division of gender roles. The messages are delivered in the typical male’s communication style that is observed through public speaking styles, story telling, how to ask questions, and addressing the conflict


Ayah ASI; message construction; gender; genderlect style; virtual community

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