Cosmopolitan Cultural Identity in Online Media: An Intercultural Communication Study of Online-Gamer Youth

Ilya Revianti Sudjono Sunarwinadi, Sari Monik Agustin, Fitria Angeliqa


This study endeavors in identifying the universal principles of onlinegam layers in the multicultural context which eventually yields a cosmopolitan cultural identity. The multicultural context is clearly reflected on the users of online games, particularly those who play Massively Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) whose number of users keeps increasing in Indonesia, indicating there are networks and massive interconnectivity which make Indonesia a part of globalization. New media has opened the gate for the digital revolution, which does not merely lead to the convergence of mainstream media but also the improvement of interactivity enabling every audience of the new media to participate in the digital world. One of the interactive convergence is online games in which everyone can participate regardless of their physical boundaries such as location or country territory. However, the players of MMORPG must always improve their digital characters. The customization of characters is related to the identity they build in online games. This research uses qualitative method and in-depth interview to three advanced youth gamers. The result of this current research shows that the cosmopolitan cultural identity formed by the online-gamers has different characters than that of other groups


cosmopolitan; intercultural communication; MMORPG; teenager; online-game

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