The Effect of Media Syncrhonicityon Followers Satisfaction

Khoirun Nisa, Dimas Aditya Nugraha, Hendriyani Hendriyani


The growing number of social media users in Indonesia has become an opportunity for the goverment to promote its reputation. Social media have an important role in relationship between government and citizen as a communication channel. Social media as a communication channel has an ability to make communication successful. Through its ability, media synchronicity can support communication process that is conveyance and convergence. Previous research found that citizen satisfaction could be influenced by their perception on utilitarian, hedonic, and social values of the government social media; mediated by media syncronicity. This research aims to explain how those variables influence citizen satisfaction in the case of social media. Using survey, we asked 195 participant of training program who are also follower of social media accounts to fill in our questionnaire. The data were analyzed using path analysis. This research found that the effect of utilitarian, hedonic, and social values
to satisfaction is higher when mediated by mediasyncronicity, than without media syncronicitymediation. The relationship between utilitarian value, hedonic value and social value to satisfaction were increased by media synchronicity. The research also found that utilitarian value has the highest effecton satisfaction.If follower have a goodutilitarian value, satisfation will be more increasing. Media synchronicity help the effect of utilitarian value to satisfaction through its capability supporting the communication process that is conveyance and convergence. The effect of media synchronicity on satisfaction must be considered for any organization to communicate with their public, especially in the utilitarian value


Media synchronicity; utilitarian value; hedonic value; social value; satisfaction

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