User Generated Content and the Rise of Internet Prosumer

Christian Dotulong, Ahmad Toriq, Annisa Khairani, Firman Kurniawan


The emergence of user generated content platform (UGC) as a technology, also contributes to cultural change in society. The UGC demonstrates the power of participation that can determine where the direction of the world will change. From this phenomenon, this paper tries to explain how UGC platform changed the way people consume internet and the emergence of prosumer in UGC. The main criterion of UGC platform is user can make their own content, actively participating, and independently disseminate the content. We conducted a qualitative study with explorative methods on literature review related to research topic. This study shows that UGC is changing the way people use the internet. People become more active and more participative by becoming content creator. In fact, content creator is also used in a variety of industries to become influencers of certain products


User generated content; internet prosumer; participatory culture; internet user; digital behaviour; digital influencer

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