Meaning Disruption among Banking Employee

Aditya W Perdana, Irwansyah Irwansyah


Meaning is a fundamental element that is present in every communication process that occurs in humans. Meaning a message always provides a variety of perspectives at the individual level. Disruption is a social phenomenon that is now present in society and seizes the attention of many because of its implications that undermine social and economic structures in some spheres of human life. Individual meaning of disruption also shows various perception. This paper examines the meaning of individual banking employees in receiving the message of change brought by the disruption phenomenon. The literature study used in this paper explains the concept of individual meaning regarding the disruptive phenomena that occur. The meaning of the disruption phenomenon in review with Stuart Hall Encoding/Decoding model that describes the delivery model of messages that will not always be received in accordance with the desired audience by the sender. The findings show that the active audience receives a disruption message with three recipient positions as described by the Encoding/Decoding Stuart Hall model


Meaning, Disruption, Encoding/Decoding, Stuart Hall, Banking Service

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