Communication Environment In The Empowerment Of Forest Farmers Group Members To Realize Sustainable Social Forestry Program

Iriana Bakti, Yustikasari Yustikasari


Environmental communication activity is one of the ways that can be done to empower communities around the forests.  Environment communication can be a pragmatic and constitutive media that can build a shared understanding about the social forestry. The goals of the study are to understand: 1) the intensity of forest farmer group/Kelompok Tani Hutan members in attending the communication environment activities, 2) the environmental communication method followed by the community, 3) the attitudes of  the Kelompok Tani Hutan members towards social forestry. The method used in this research is a descriptive survey.  The research was conducted in Desa Sakurjaya, Kecamatan Ujungjaya, Kabupaten Sumedang.  The samples are 27 people, chosen at random by using  sampling frame of 20% of the population of member of the Kelompok Tani Hutan.  Three variables are analyzed in this research are as follows: the first variable is intensity in attending the environment communication activity, the second variable is the  environmental communication method. The third variable is attitude of the members towards social forestry.  Results showed that the intensity of Kelompok Tani Hutan members attended the activities of the   communications environment are medium. The environmental communication method that is followed by most members of the Kelompok Tani Hutan is a group meeting at the Village Hall which is formally organized under the coordination of the head of the village and the officers concerned. A positive attitude that is awakened from the Kelompok Tani Hutan member in the form of knowledge and judgment against the management of the forest, that the forests must be utilized in accordance with the principles of the planned social forestry to improve the welfare of society and the preservation of the forest on an ongoing basis.


communication environment; community empowerment; forest farmer groups

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