Construction of the Shifting Values in Javanese Culture: Study on Sekaten Tradition in Yogyakarta

Rajiyem Rajiyem, Sari Monik Agustin, Billy K. Sarwono


Whether a tradition can survive or not depends very much on various factors, such as political, social, economic factors, as well as globalization, digital technology, media coverage, and many more. This study examines the construction of a shift in the value of tradition in the celebration of Sekaten in Yogyakarta, which is still preserved by the community, though its image as a sacred traditional ceremony has been faded over the time. The main theory used herein is the construction of social reality, added with some concepts of Javanese culture. The selected research method is based on a constructivist paradigm, with a qualitative approach and its ethnographic research strategy was conducted in the village of Manding, Yogyakarta. Informants were selected based on certain criteria, and there were 5 informants with age ranging between 20-78 years, from different educational and religious background and raised in different eras. The results of research indicate that the construction of cultural values shifts occur through media, government policy and religious institutions


Sekaten; social construction; Javanese cultural values

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