Food Simulacra in Phenomenon of Uploading Food Photos on Instagram

Farisha Sestri Musdalifah, Sari Monik Agustin


This study reveals phenomenon of uploading photo in social media as part of lifestyle of eating out. In present time, taking food photo before being consumed is familiar for urban people. By using the qualitative approach, this study tried to reveal phenomenon of uploading photo in instragram with post human perspective, which technology has exceeded the real life of human being. In this study, post human referred in the use of Jean Baudrillard’s concept about simulation and simulacra. Simulation was derivative model of real thing without origin, whereas simulacra was camouflage method of a sign that disrupted the reality. In this research, simulation and simulacra in phenomenon of taking photo/picture was called as food simulacra. Food simulacra was represented when the food was served. The finding of this study showed that food simulacra conducted by uploader food photo in Instragram presented posthuman condition, in which photo uploader wanted to show existence in social media


Simulation; Simulacra; Post-Human; Food Simulacra; Instagram; Food Photo

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