Media and Body Discourses: Television and Discourse of Footballers’ Athletic Body

Ahmad Makki, Sari Monik Agustin


Modern footballers are identical with athletic body. Famous players like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Zlatan Ibrahimovic have sturdy body shaped by years of discipline. It is no surprise if famous footballers are also selling off field as models and ad stars. Historically, the athletic body among footballers is a new phenomenon. It may have started to become a common phenomenon since the decade of the 2000s. In a certain era, we can trace that athletic football body shape is not a single norm. But when television shows dominate the flow of football world information, the athletic footballer's formality is idealized and made as the only measure. In the perspective of Michel Foucault, the phenomenon of dominance of athletic body images among footballers can be seen as one form of discourse that became a strategy of operation of power domination


Body discourse; Football; Athletic body; Power; Television

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