Sexual Objectification of Women through the Uses of Humorous Captions in Media Social: and’s Instagram Accounts

Nadya Nariswari Nayadheyu, Udi Rusadi


Technology has brought enormous development to human’s life, even broaden the medium of sexual objectification. Although we are living in the post-human era where gender equality is deliberately voiced out, sexual objectification of women can still be easily found, particularly in social media Instagram. The uses of humorous captions are one way to sexually objectify women. Two of the Instagram accounts that using humorous captions as medium to sexually objectify are and This study is a qualitative study that focused on the producing of humorous captions and comments that found in these two accounts. The data are
analysed by using Sara Mills' Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). The objectives of this study are to find out how women are sexually objectified through the uses of humorous captions, also to examine the position of subject-object, position of readers and the position of women itself in society through the comments produced. The results of this study found that humorous captions are used to invite comments of followers, usually by using famous phrases or by mocking other persons. The discourses analysed by Sara Mills’ CDA found that the position of subject is the owner of accounts, the position of object is the woman in the photo, whereas the position of readers are the followers who left sexual objectification comments. Comments produced are dominated by men, mostly talking about the physical aspect of women; their sexy clothes are an “ask for it” and women’s body is considered as sex instrument and gift for men. Therefore, it can also be concluded that most of men still considered themselves superior to women and women can be subordinated. On the other side, it is also found that women are rarely leave comments under these posts, however some of them are supporting men’s comments. By that, it seems that women are accepting the objectification concept and scared of being different to break the patriarchy system


critical discourse analysis; post-human; sexual objectification; social media; women

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