Self-Presentation through Social Media (Case Study of Male Cross-Dresser on Instagram)

Anindyo S. Dwiputra, Lydia Irena, M. Kholikul Alim, Ratih H. Maria, Trissa D. Rusniko, Firman Kurniawan


This paper will explain a qualitative study of the self-presentation of male crossdresser on Instagram. The male cross-dresser men who wrestle in entertainment world using Instagram as a tool for their selfpresentation due  to  there’s no access to mass media. The case study was conducted on three male cross-dressers who upload photos and/or videos showing themselves dressing up or behaving like women. This research is a case study with in-depth interviews on three informants who are Instagram users. In this journal, it was found that the self-presentation of male cross-dresser featured on Instagram was done intentionally and consciously by displaying two opposite character of informants, masculine and feminine. This is done for the purpose of self-existence and work. In conclusion there
is no difference between front-stage and back-stage individual crossdresser in self-presentation on Instagram. Although the label attributed to them as result of the self-presentation that displayed is still disrupts their role in social life


self-presentation; cross-dresser; social media; Instagram; stereotype; labelling

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