Netnographic Study on Parasocial Relationships between The Kop and Liverpool FC Through Instagram Account @indonesian_liverpool To Form 2 1 Loyalty

Soni Andrie Wijaya, Firman Kurniawan, Billy Sarwono


Every world-class football club generally has loyal fans. In this netnography study the writers want to explain the parasocial relationship formed between Liverpool FC fans and the interaction of parasocial that occurs among fellow Liverpool fans via Instagram account @ indonesian_liverpool. In this study it will also explain how parasocial relationships are formed. Where relationships seem to be one way. Although fans have submitted comments containing support, advice, or opinion they did not get a good response from Liverpool FC or its players who are often tagged on comments sent by fans. But it does not dampen the interest of fans to stay afloat on parasocial relationships. Parasocial interaction is also intertwined among fellow Liverpool FC fans who replied to each other comments, both about Liverpool FC and about players. This study also explains how finally it could form loyalty to Liverpool FC


study of netnography; parasocial relationships; parasocial interaction; loyalty

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