Anticipating the Post Human Era in Public Relations

Anton Binsar, Ummi Salamah


The implementation of 4.0 technology in public relations area brings a lot of changes. The roles of public relations also change. Since they have to adapt with new media which is a user generated content. This paper will explain about the improvements of industry 4.0 and its impact to public relations roles. The roles change drives the shifting in the definition of public relation itself. The emergence of Technology 4.0 brings some opportunities to public relations field, but also challenges. Public relations have task to maintain corporate image and reputation. The ability to utilize new tools are very important in this post human era. The failure to cope these challenges will result to the decrease of corporate image and reputation. This paper explores how public relations can take benefit of the new tools. It will explain the requirements that make public relations take benefit from. In order to achieve those goals, comparative research method used in this paper. We compare two chatbot that has different functions. The result is that we can utilize chatbot to maintain relationship with customer, maintain corporate image and reputation only if we design and develop this tool carefully and correctly. Chatbot will be function properly if we make a good conversation flow that serve the customer’s needs. Finally, the human post era will affect the public relations field. PR practitioners should aware of this and prepare to utilize all application that support their tasks correctly


public relations, technology 4.0; chatbot; customer service; communication channels

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