Digital Divide in Political Communication to Society in Eastern Indonesia (Descriptive Analysis of the Loura Tribe in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara)

Diovita Hernika Pramadhani, Ummi Salamah


Based on a book review article by Ganewati Wuryandari (2016) on development issues in NTT that describe the reality of development as simply touching the macro aspects and ignoring the lower layers. As a result, there are inequalities of development, social inequality, economic imbalances, and poverty created between regions, between urban and rural areas. There are also a number of problems that complicate society such as poverty, limited infrastructure and transportation infrastructure, hunger, health, and low human resources and slow economic growth rate. However, in terms of technology related to equity by the government, equity has penetrated to East Indonesia including East Nusa Tenggara. In addition to the technological aspect, the researcher sees from the political approach, the political approach in Eastern Indonesia which consists mainly of various ethnicities, putting the personal side in reaching the people's voice. The use of social media, or digital technology is not very effective when used to win votes in an election. The community will give their sympathy by looking at the background of the same tribe and how candidate candidates interact with the community in the hamlet. The use of digital media in political campaigns in East Nusa Tenggara may have little impact on areas that have used technology as a primary source of information seekers or primary sources. Judging also on how the level of Education in the region. Based on the translation of the phenomenon, researchers want to describe how the integration of the two sectors, to run in harmony. Researchers use qualitative research methods with data collection techniques using literature review, and unstructured interviews. Furthermore, the researchers analyzed the existing data by using descriptive analysis. And based on the results of unstructured interviews researchers set the object of research on Loura tribe in Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara


Divide; Political Communication; Theory of Technology Determination

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