Credibility of Online and Traditional News; Perceptions of Pakistani Journalists

Wajid Zulqarnain, Amna Zareef, Farzana Kausar, Shumaila Kauser


Objective- Pakistan is a developing country where private news media has mushroomed growth since 2002 and similarly the internet is also a new technology blooming in the society of Pakistan. Both of the technologies are new yet having deep penetration for communication of news media. In such scenario a debate is going on about the credibility of both mediums. The study debates about the credibility of both media by the perspective of journalists, it also sheds light on the reasons of particular medium being more credible than other and also emphasize on the reasons of assessing credibility and its standards. Methodology/ Technique- A survey was conducted to find out if online news source can be a threat for the existence of traditional medium in future. The respondents were Pakistani journalists of both traditional and online news media. Findings- The point of view of journalists about credibility of online news is either because of their association with traditional medium or may be mostly online news are the exact depiction of what is going on traditional medium. Novelty- The result shows that some journalists also consider online news platforms useful because of its easy access and timely information. Theme- Communication Studies


credibility; perceptions; news websites; traditional media; journalists

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