The Role of Social Media in Enhancing Personal Political Brand A Study in President of Republic of Indonesia, President Joko Widodo

Anggita Widyananda Nugraha


The study aims to understand the role of social media in enhancing personal branding of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, in order to influence Indonesian young adult citizens on their brand attitude towards President Joko Widodo for the next presidential election. Social media has a vital role in developing and maintaining personal political brand considering the significant number of active social media users in Indonesia. As the president of Indonesia, Jokowi is well known to have high brand awareness and brand equity. Prior to being elected as the president of Indonesia, Jokowi was an eminent media darling with solid personal brand via numerous publicity and positive news in almost all forms of mass media, including newspaper and television. The significant increase of followers in each month and frequent posts on his social media lately are worth observed and researched, whether or not it derives from the influence of President Joko Widodo’s personal branding perception. Based on the introduction, the main question in the study is “how does social media influence Indonesian young adult’s perception on President Joko Widodo’s Personal Brand?”

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