Tourism Industry: Adoption of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in implementing E-Tourism

Muhamad Syihabuddin Naufal, Ummi Salamah


This conceptual paper will discuss the use of information communication technology (ICT) in the industry of e-tourism. It is undeniable that at present with the development of Industrial Revolution 4.0 again traditional technology becomes more interactive. It also changed the behavior patterns of people in traveling or tourism activities. Tourism organizations or institutions have also undertaken various efforts to adapt to these technological developments. There are a variety of new online-based media that provide facilities to travelers to access and plan the trip itself easily and quickly. The impact of ICT usage becomes clearer where future etourism development will trigger consumers to be more proactive and reactive, and e-torusim will focus more on customer-centered technology that will support organizations to interact with their customers dynamically


tourism industry; information communications technology (ICT); E- Tourism

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