Technology as Political Brand Strategy in 2019 General Election: Partai Solidaritas Indonesia

Rainy Elmira Monalisa, Ummi Salamah


This study aims to see how a party uses technology as its party's political brand strategy in welcoming the upcoming 2019 General Election. The object of the study in this study is the Indonesian Solidarity Party or otherwise known as PSI. Indonesian Solidarity Party is a new party in Indonesia. The party carries the brand of its political party as a youth party and a party that defends women. PSI releases the jargon of "open, progressive, it's us!" And always emphasizes anticorruption and anti-intolerance brand message in every activity. This party was born out of a desire to change the existing view in society that politics is dirty, cunning, and fraudulent due to the many cases of corruption in Indonesia committed by politicians. So, this party exists as a manifestation of millennials who want to change that view. Changes in a country will occur if the younger generation participates in politics. The young generation is a generation that is close to the technology. Therefore, a number of strategies exist within this party are trying to maximize the use of technology in an effort to prevent corruption and realize the value of openness as one of the identity of the PSI party. The method used in this research is qualitative, that is by doing data collection technique obtained through observation, literature study, and also in-depth interview to some workers and members of PSI party management. Through these methods then obtained the results in this study that is a number of strategies using technology performed by PSI. These strategies include the recruitment of legislative candidates using online systems and live interviews that can be viewed live streaming; party branding strategy carried out in various social media; making mobile performance apps of party members; crowdsourcing; and party funding systems that use crowdfunding methods


Organization; Political Communication; Political Party; Strategy; Technology

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