Selective Exposure Politics Preaching on Digital Era Case Study Gatekeeping and Selective Exposure on Digital Era

Muhammad Shofi Rosyadi, Eriyanto Eriyanto


Information has been widely spread on conventional media, online media and also social media. Information that has been spread out, basically, has lots of viewpoints. We still can receive various and balance information from conventional media such as TV, radio or newspaper (printing media). Because, basically conventional media has institutional structure, therefore, the news that they produce will through gatekeeping process. But, the information about politic, society tend to choose the information that they feel suitable for them, and then refuse the information about politics that is contradict with their view (Bennet, 2008). In addition, the presence of social media with all of their sophistication, they will do curation that will be given to users based on their preference and also personalization, it is not like gatekeeping process which is exist on conventional media. Society tend to not receive balance information on social media, it occurs because of recommendation system that is applied on social media

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