Become Popular on Instagram Phenomenology Study About Creating Popular Accounts in Social Media: Instagram

Adhvidya Adhvidya, Irwansyah Irwansyah


This thesis discusses how to form a popular account in social media Instagram done by people from non-artists and not prominent figures in Indonesia. This research uses qualitative research model with descriptive phenomenology method. Participants are three common people who are not artists or figures. Through the foundation on the creation of popular accounts from the general public, this research questioned how to create a popular account in Instagram Social Media. This study produced 4 (four) ways to form popular accounts and increase followers in social media Instagram. These four ways are Consistency, Creating Characteristic Content, Repost, and Giving Expectations to Followers. Research has revealed that informants
have no motive for popular. Consistency of account owners in delivering compelling and characteristic content is a more effective way to attract new followers


Instagram; Popular; Popularity; Social Media; Phenomenology

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