Media Digital Campaign of Indonesian Solidarity Party and Movimento 5 Stelle

Aulia Pradipta Panjili, Ummi Salamah


The utilization of digital media as a platform for political campaigns is growing. The party's strategy in campaigning is also more diverse. Semetko and Tworzecki in Fischer et al (2018) stated that nowadays, that political campaigns have entered a fourth era that began with the rapid development of social media from the mid-2000s. This has been done by one party in Italy namely Movimeto 5 Stelle and Indonesian Partai Solidaritas Indonesia. Nevertheless, there are differences in the utilization of digital media platforms for political campaigns by both parties. In this paper it was found that the Indonesian Solidarity Party and Movimento 5 Stelle have many similarities in the use digital media for political campaigns, yet Indonesian Solidarity Party has not maximized the utilization of digital media for political campaigns as the Movimento 5 Stellle has


utilization of digital media; political campaign; movimento 5 stelle; Indonesian solidarity party

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