Social Media Buzzer Utilization as a Form of Digital Campaign Practice

Sita Hapsari Gunawan, Ummi Salamah


This research tries to describe the utilization of technology in the government, as a control of government agency members both in output of performance and behavior. The control using an online webbased applications tool for performance and behavior measurement of government agency members. The objective of this paper is to know the organizational and technical aspects undertaken by Ministry of Communications and Informatics in the utilization of the online webbased applications tool by the government agency members within Ministry of Communications and Informatics. This research uses organizational theory with a focus on the concept of control in communication strategy management. This journal discusses the industrial revolution 4.0 that has an impact on communication patterns, especially in public relations practice in political organizations. At first the communication pattern on public relations was top-down, but in the digital age as it is today, the communication pattern becomes horizontal, because it allows the public to participate. In practice, public relations in a political organization using social media in disseminating information, so that the delivery of information can be optimal and cause interaction with the public. In order for messages delivered through social media to be delivered effectively and optimally, a political organization needs the services of a social media influencer. Influencer or Buzzer which will help the public relations in the political organization to form public opinion to align with the values and image of political organizations


industry 4.0; organization; public relations; social media; buzzer

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