The Utilization of Information Technology as a Control of Employees in the Strategic Communication Management at Ministry of Communications and 1 Informatics

Firmansyah Firmansyah, Ummi Salamah


Utilization of technology in government to realizing e-government systems has been running in various fields. This research tries to describe the utilization of technology in the government, as a control of government agency members both in output of performance and behavior. The control using an online web-based applications tool for performance and behavior measurement of government agency members. The objective of this paper is to know the organizational and technical aspects undertaken by Ministry of Communications and Informatics in the utilization of the online web-based applications tool by the government agency members within Ministry of Communications and Informatics. This research uses organizational theory with a focus on the concept of control in communication strategy management. The control model used is Cybernetic model. The research paradigm that is used in this research is postpositivism paradigm. The purpose of this research is analytical descriptive, in the utilization of an online web-based applications tool for performance and behavior measurement of government agency members at Ministry of Communications and Informatics. The research approach used in this research is qualitative approach. The data obtained are from literature study and interviews with related parties in Ministry of Communications and Informatics. The result of this paper indicates that the application helps launch performance appraisal system and employee behavior in each work unit as a part of strategic communication management both upward and downward communication, and integrated directly to employment department in Ministry of Communications and Informatics. With this tool, it is expected that no more performance problems are less than the maximum due to weak supervision of employees. While in the technical aspect, the gap among the generation of young employees with old employees make the implementation of this tool is still running less than the maximum


Utilization; application; control; government

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