Conflict Management in Interpersonal Communication for Bugis Society: Case Study about Conflict Management in Interpersonal Communication For Bugis Society

Putri Trulline, Ditha Prasanti


Humans perform the process of interaction in everyday life. As social beings, humans communicate with each other. Unconsciously, humans experience a variety of interactions that  also trigger the occurrence of conflicts in interpersonal communication. This is so interesting to study. Everyone has conflict management different from each other. Likewise, everyone from different areas of origin tends to have different management. For example, conflict management for Bugis society. Bugis society holds the slogan “Siri ‘Napacce” in resolving interpersonal conflicts. Herein lies the uniqueness of this research. In this study, researchers have a focus on research that is interested in raising about “conflict management in interpersonal communication for Bugis society.” Researchers use qualitative research approach with case study method. In this study, researchers used data collection techniques; Interviews, documentation studies; And observation. The informant used as many as 3 people, taken with purposive sampling technique. The results of this study indicate that Bugis society to do the style of accommodation to resolve conflicts in interpersonal communication experienced. Having done the style of accommodation, Bugis community also clarify the causes of conflict in interpersonal communication. This is also supported by the Bugis community tradition to uphold the slogan “Siri ‘Napacce”, in order to resolve interpersonal conflicts in order to maintain self-esteem, and dignity of the family.


Management; Conflict; Communication; Interpersonal; Bugis

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