Utilization of Twitter as Communication Strategy for Issues Management by Government Public Relations Practitioners

Lizzatul Farhatiningsih, Ummi Salamah


Government public relations tasks are crucial in engaging external communication programs to help governments achieve their goals. Technological developments in the digital age makes the PR practitioners especially public relations today quickly embrace social media and its attention to become a new form of public relations. The presence of social media is a dynamic and transparent communication strategy, therefore social media offers special utilities for government public relations. Twitter is a microblogging site where users share a tweet with a combination that allows users to add structure to tweets for participants using technology and capabilities like @replies, @retweet, and so on. Public relations in the digital age according to Robert J. Key (2005) requires an understanding of how the main constituents collect and share information and then influence it on issues so it needs a strategy that can embrace the digital age. Issue management is a subset of risk management, but the risks it deals with are public visibility and reputational harm. This article is a conceptual article that aims to explain the concept of public relations strategies of some government public relations in the digital era by linking it with the use of social media that is Twitter. The results of conceptual studies show that online communication allows the organization and its constituents to engage in two-way communication. The government is very likely to engage in dialogue with citizens about information, questions and ideas related to them because Twitter is a social medium that can facilitate conversation. Government public relations can take advantage of Twitter interactivity where they need to create unique content to attract retweets from its users. Twitter should be part of Integrated communication strategy and overall dialogue of communication because Twitter provides the ability to enhance and advance news and developments in real-time to a group of people who will Will, technology will make social media continue to grow and how ever to establish in the virtual world through social media becomes something that is not always easy to do


communication; government public relations; issue management; social media; twitter

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7454/igcc.v2i0.141


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