Government Public Relation: Toward Media Richness and Interactivity

CS. Purwowidhu, Ummi Salamah


The development of information and communication technology disrupts the communication model of government institutions. The increasing penetration of social media users from year to year and the development of the "richness" aspect of social media as industry 4.0 progresses, encourage government public relations to focus more on social media management. Social media becomes the primary choice in publishing policies and disseminating information. One of the most distinctive social media rhetoric functions is its interactivity function. This study aims to evaluate the selection of social media by government public relations to run or engage its public relations activities and how government public relations as the institutions social media account manager address the interactivity of social media. The analysis was done with media richness theory and interactivity concept. The study used an interpretive paradigm with a qualitative approach. The study was evaluative, based on observation and literature study. The results of the study found that social media became the primary choice in publishing policy and dissemination of information with account management strategy customized to the “richness” of each social media and valence messages to be conveyed. In the evaluation of the use of interactivity aspects of social media by government public relations, it was found that although social media account manager skills are adequate but not always this interactivity technology is utilized optimally. It is therefore to be understandable as the impact of sociomaterial of social media management


computer-mediated communication; government public relation; interactivity; media richness; social media

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