Implementation of Cyber Public Relations in Building Positive Reputation of Government Institutions through Social Media

Rifatul Istianah, Ummi Salamah


In the current era of Public Information Disclosure (KIP), government agencies need to improve themselves. The public demands multidirectional approach of communication, as it is more critical in responding to every government program and policy. Implementation of cyber PR through social media in providing information to the public appeared to be the best solution in this digital era. The government's Cyber PR is expected to explain government policies and programs with simple language capable of being absorbed by the public, thereby creating engagement in the community and enhancing the positive reputation of government institutions. This article is a conceptual article that seeks to explain the concept of cyber PR in building the reputation of government agencies through social media. The discussion of the concept is emphasized on the implementation of government PR cyber by applying Guidelines for Social Media Utilization of Government Agencies issued by the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) RI 2012. The results of conceptual studies show that the implementation of cyber PR government agencies through various social media platforms can help to increase the reputation of the institution assessed through the seven dimensions of reputation according to the Reputation Institute. Proper use of social media can improve the image or reputation of government agencies, but errors in the use of social media can be fatal. The utilization of social media should continue to be accompanied by improved capabilities in terms of content management and public relations strategies


Public relations; Cyber PR; Reputasi; Lembaga Pemerintah; Media Sosial

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