Organizational Culture in Oriflame’s Multi-Level Marketing

Wahyu Eka Putri, Ummi Salamah


Human’s affected by culture based on where he lives such as values. Culture can't be separated from human's life, as well as in organization. An organization is affected by numerous factors that can be grouped into external factors and internal factors. External factors are related to environment or stakeholders outside the organization, and internal factors are originated from culture in the organization itself. Organizational cuture can be seen from its values and norms. One of organizations which has basic values is Oriflame. Therefore, this research's objective is to understand organizational culture in Oriflame organization. Oriflame is a Multi-Level-Marketing company which its organizational cuture is rooted through values shared in socialization or routine meetings and mentoring from high-level member to lowerlevel member. This research use literature qualitative study by analizing books, journals, and news related to the topic. Based on literature study, it is known that Oriflame has basic values as togetherness, spirit and passion. Those values are taken as guidance and socialized towards its members. Oriflame’s organizational values are analizes by Schein’s organizational culture theory which divides culture into three levels; artifacts, espoused beliefs and values, and basic assumptions. As in this theory, the organizational values will be taken to members’ unconcious level if spread simultaneously. Those values will be manifested and penetrated into individual values, and later become basic assumptions. Furthermore, the organizational culture can affect paradigm, attitude and behavior of organization’s member in communicating with another member or when executing their primary activity which is to promote Oriflame products through internet, social media or face-to-face and new member recruitment


Organization culture; Schein’s Organizational culture; togetherness; spirit; passion; Oriflame

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