ICT Role towards South Tangerang City as a Smart City

Bunga Dionika, Ummi Salamah


Consider implement of smart city policy is the right solution to answer the urban problems. A smart city policy is an important step in improving the performance of public service. One key success factor to build sustainable smart cities from a communications perspective based on the smart governance and integrated ICTs like South Tangerang City did. This article is a qualitative descriptive research that aims to describe and identify how ICT role on South Tangerang City Government towards as a smart city. The smart city relies on the dimension of smart governance, supported by various other aspects such as sustainable development policy, development of human resources potential through awareness, empowerment, development and successful smart practice, implementing information and communication technology (ICT). This paper highlights that smart city can be realized not because of how sophisticated communication technology applied, but based on the collaboration of smart governance as a complex transform of institutional development and maximized by implementing ICT


Information and Communications Technology (ICT); Government, Smart City

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7454/igcc.v2i0.146


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