he Implementation of Mobile Application as Control System of Sales Employees at Private Company

Ramandha Suci Marchita, Ummi Salamah


The existence of employees in organization is one of key aspect to achieve certain goals, which usually divided into many divisions based on its function. To make sure that employees work based on the interest of organization, the management should monitor and evaluate their performances. Many ways could used to control employees behavior at work, one of them is using technology. This paper tries to explain the implementation of technology in the private organization, as a means of control of sales division members in their behavior. The control system is using an online mobile applications tool for behavior measurement of sales employees. The objective of this paper is to understanding the utilization of technology and its technical aspects operated by Datascrip especially on mobile applications tool by the sales employees within Datascrip. This research focus on the concept of control in organization using cybernetic model with interpretive paradigm. The purpose of this qualitative research is analytical descriptive, in the implementation of mobile applications tool for behavior measurement of sales employees at Datascrip. The data obtained are from literature study, observation and interview with sales staffs in Datascrip. The result shows that the control system implemented in Datascrip affect sales employees behavior to set their working time in a disciplined manner because of the mobility that stick with their jobs


technology; mobile application; control; sales employee; organization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7454/igcc.v2i0.147


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