Managing Social Media Activists as a Crisis Management Strategy

Dyah Ayu Setyorini, Irwansyah Irwansyah


Social media has fundamentally shaped and influenced the organization's communication landscape in social movements. Social media activists where the issues they carry with collective identities in social media, bring opposing interests to corporate, and bring corporates in crisis management conditions. It is important for corporate to be able to manage relationships with social media activists so that issues and protests brought by social media activists can be muffled or even assist the corporation in shaping positive public opinion. This article is a conceptual article undertaken through literature studies by finding reference theories that relevant to the case or problems found. Social media activism becomes very powerful because as the nature of social media is able to reach a very wide geographical in becoming viral in a short time. Gonzales-Herrero & Smith explains how the internet can trigger and facilitate crises, with significant implications for crisis management. In order to adapt to the online environment, organizations must also adapt their own problem management strategies


management crisis; organization; social media; social media activists

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