A Conceptual Study on the Reception of Technology and Communication Management on Tourism Organization Culture

Anindita Lintangdesi Afriani, Ummi Salamah


The current tourism organization has been confronted with a global world of technology, especially information and communication technologies. The use of technology can affect the company and involve them with the stakeholders. Furthermore, the application of modern technology can be done in the form of labor. The purpose of this research is to study the reception of technology and communication in tourism organizational culture. This study uses information and communication on tourism organizations. The theory used in this research is technology in the organization, communication within the organization, and organizational culture. This research uses qualitative research approach. Data collection method in this research is by literature study. Tourism organization nowadays is facing an era of industrial digitization, which makes organizations focus on information and communication technologies that allow new ways to control, coordinate, and collaborate on activities more easily, but at a lower cost. Referring to the types of technology typologies, tourism organization can be categorized into Thompson typology. Given the technology that has led to digitalization, it encourages the organization to place a lot of communication with stakeholders and participatory processes. These findings emphasize the acceptance of technology and communications supported by millennials’ labor. These findings have an important influence in learning with the culture and management of organizational communication. Organizational culture, therefore, changes in the form of newer equipment, greater mobility, and the addition of innovative new human resource services. It should be anticipated by leaders and also members of tourism organizations


Organizational culture; Communication management; Millennials; Tourism organizations; Technology

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7454/igcc.v2i0.159


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