Grapevine Study on the Free Discussion Forum on Intranet Portal Ministry of Communications and Informatics –

Anandhya Aswindro Purmadi, Ummi Salamah


The development of technology and information has a significant effect on the way we all communicate within organizations. In addition to using the internet in communicating with the public, organizations began using the internet in a closed network to communicate in its internal environment. The internet network is called an intranet. The most commonly used intranet by an organization is in the form of a web portal. In addition to private organizations, organizations that uses the intranet portal in their internal communications is government organizations. One of them is Kominfo which builds portal kominfo to accommodate their internal communication. In the portal Kominfo as an organization provides a forum where all members of the organization can communicate openly and interactively which they named as free discussion forum. This research seeks to discover the existence of grapevine in this free discussion forum and how the pattern of its spread. This study uses the approach of organizational communication theory especially grapevine on internal communication organization. This research uses post positivist paradigm with qualitative approach. This research is a descriptive research by using documentation study and literature study in the method of data retrieval. The result of this research is grapevine happening at free discussion forum of kominfo portal with pattern of gossip pattern distribution 


Grapevine; Discussion Forum; Intranet portal

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