Commodification of on Hambalang Corruption Case in Indonesian Lawyer Club (ILC) Talkshow in TVOne

Chontina Siahaan, Nahria Nahria, Rismawaty Rismawaty


One way of mediatization to influence politicians is by content commodification. The process of commodification is closely related to the production, distribution, and consumption of message content. The process of production and distribution of messages also relates to the worker’s function. In the process of committing the content of messages, audiences and workers who produce and distribute the   content of messages have become commodities, and have been commodified by the owners of capital. Commodification is a form of commercialization. Just like   Hambalang corruption case in ILC talk show in tvOne. Therefore, this study aims to criticize the commodification of Hambalang corruption case in ILC talk show in tvOne.In this study, the researcher uses ecomic political media theory of   Vincent Mosco (1996) and focuses on one of the concepts of commodification with a  critical paradigm and case study method containing a comprehensive description and  explanation about the commodification of Hambalang corruption case in ILC talk show in tvOne.Data obtained through in-depth interviews with some informants in 2014 ago. Key informant ie presenter (Karni Ilyas), Producer Team, and other   supporting informants are Ishadi SK (Trans TV), Johan Budi (KPK Spokesman), Tama Langkun (ICW), Pramono Anung (Vice Chairman of DPR RI), and Tjipta Lesmana (Political Communication Expert).The results showed that tvOne commodified   Hambalang corruption case in ILC talk show through the direction of issue and   urgency of discussion. The ILC talk show directs Hambalang’s corruption case as a major corruption case that is very detrimental to the state through a markup of   development funds, presenting testimonies of suspects and perpetrators who have been imprisoned, testimonies in court and protests of the parties involved such as the executive, legislative and businessman. The issue of Hambalang corruption case is also commodified as an urgent issue because it relates to the media’s interest to obtain a high rating, the public interest to know the ins and outs, and as a means of constructing meaning for politicians to improve their self-image and self-efficacy.


: ILC; Hambalang Corruption Case; Commodification of Content; Issue Direction: Urgency of Issue Discussion

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