Cigarette Advertisements through The Lens of Critical Theories

Centurion Chandratama Priyatna, Fajar Syuderajat


The advertisements attract audiences by using subtle messages concealed beneath the sign and symbol that connect the product to a particular position in society. Semiotics is useful in drawing attention to the symbolic significance of representations. The focal point of this method is on media and media product representations of what actually happens in society; in this case, advertisements that appeal to the consumer and persuade them to consume the product. This article will discuss the ideas of sign established by Saussure and Peirce along with the value-exchange the-
ory of Marx and his perspective on class and the production system. The next part will discuss other notable thinkers such as Baudrillard, Barthes, Althusser, Mulvey and Adorno together with more recent semiotic researchers including Williamson, Gill and Rose. All these theorists are important as their concepts have inspired the framework of this research.


Cigarette; Advertisement; Semiotics; Representation; Symbol

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