The Impact of Source Credibility of Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Credibility

Ardiyasa Narendra, Hifni Alifahmi


The highly competitive competition in the business world requires companies to implement the right marketing communications strategies to compete in the marketplace. Advertising is one of the most common marketing communication strategies of a company. Today consumers are faced with a lot of advertising from various products either advertising from media or directly communicated by representatives of a product or commonly referred to as celebrity endorsement. Celebrity endorsement
is one of the most effective advertising tools or strategies in which the use of celebrities in advertising has an impact on brand credibility. Many studies have proven empirically the positive impact and effectiveness of the use of celebrity endorsement in advertising activity. The purpose of this research is to see the effect of source of celebrity endorsement on brand credibility. This research was conducted on Mitsubishi brand which until now the use of celebrity endorsement by Mitsubishi is one of their strategies. The results of this study indicate that celebrity endorsement has a significant effect on brand credibility. Partially, only the dimensions of trustworthiness and expertise have a significant effect on brand credibility, while the attractiveness dimension has no significant effect on brand credibility.


Celebrity Endorsement; Endorsement; Brand Credibility; Trustworthiness; Expertise

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