City Brand Communication Strategy Through Social Media

Faris Budiman Annas, Irwansyah Irwansyah


Communication activities for the city known as city brand communication would require the right strategy to make it to be effective and efficient. Social media as a medium that is now growing, become an effective tool for the city brand  managers to conduct communication activities. This study aims to explore the govern ment strategy in conducting city brand communication through social  media. This research uses qualitative method where data collection is done through in-depth nterview with several key informants and reinforced by field observation. Furthermore, it then analyzed using thematic analysis. Bogor, one of the cities in Indonesia, is the selected case in this study. The results showed that the city brand
managers can use passive and active approach in communicating the city brand to the target audience. Passive approach is used in order to utilize the social media as a tool to understand public opinion and perception about the city brand in social media. Otherwise, an active approach is using the social media as a tool to do the pu blic relation activities and active communication to the audience. There are also several stages that the government can use to make city brand communication activities to be more effective. In addition, the co-creation strategy between the government and the community is the key to the success of city brand   
communication in social media. With the co-creation, city branding is
not only top down activities, but also bottom-up activities because of the
people of the city also involved in conducting city brand communication.


City brand communication; social media; co-creation; approach; bottom-up

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