AISAS Model Analysis towards Marketing Communication in Social Media on Online Shopping Sites: Case study of Lazada Indonesia, Mataharimall and Tokopedia

Fifa Italia, Henry F. Noor


This study describes the analysis of AISAS model which is a consumer journey in digital age towards Marketing Communications in Social Media on Online shopping sitess. The main aspects of this study are how each variable in the AISAS model, ie Awareness, Interest, Search, Action and Share affect other variables, thus  creating a tendency to increase the higher involvement of consumers (Communication with low involvement to Communication with high Involvement). The extrem enhancement of internet users in Indonesia makes Internet become an important  aspect for Indonesian citizen’s daily life. Internet development has made a lot of
changes, one of them is the changing pattern of daily interaction that currently popular through social media. Since social media has a very broad audiece, marketers start to glance at social media as marketing communication channel and treat social media as the market it self. Furthermore, the development of internet also makes the number of online shopping sitess company popping up and competing in Indonesian market. Various ways are used by online sales sites to a ttract consumers intention to buy, one of them is by using social media to spread marketing communication messages and hope it will effectively influence consumers
to start using online sales site to shop their daily needs. This research was conducted from November 2016 to April 2017. The result shows that in the AISAS model, Communication with low involvement through social  media significantly affects Communication with high involvement on online shopping sites, but when we break each variables of the AISAS model, we found out that each  variables does not necessarily indicate a direct relationship in the consumer’s  journey as illustrated by the model.


Marketing Communications; Social Media; AISAS; Consumer Behavior

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