Is This News Report or Soft Porn?: Audience Framing on Men as Sexual Harassment Victim

Elma Adisya Indra, Yearry Panji Setianto


The use of hastag #metoo on social media has brought public awareness regarding sexual harassment in many places around the world. In fact, this issue happened in various situations, varies from workplace to classroom. This problem, unfortunately, is also happening in Indonesia, where both of women and men could become the victim of such sexual misconduct. According to the data released by Komisi Nasional Perempuan (Komnas Perempuan, 2016), there have been 312,752 cases of sexual harassmentoccurred in Indonesia back in 2016. Among those number, there were more than thousand cases of rape. Also, while numerous cases of sexual misconduct involved women as the victim, it does not mean that men can never became the victim of such crime. 

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