The Cinema Policy in Political Economy Study: Historical Study on the Battle of Indonesian Film Producers in facing Global Capitalism

Sari Rahmani, Ade Armando


Global capitalism is real. It has entered this nation ever since the Independence Day had just been declared. From so many global capitalisms that took place, the existence of Hollywood in this country has been a proof that Indonesian film industry has grown under the shade of global capitalism. The phenomenon is not only caused by market expansion that have been done by Hollywood producers, but also caused by Indonesian government in new order era who issued broken cinema policy. 11 years after reformation, to fight against global capitalism, Indonesian government had actually issued the law of film number 33 in 2009 regarding the policy of cinema which says that cinemas should show at least 60% of Indonesian movie in their screens. However, the low market share of Indonesian movie has led the cinema business owner to disobey the policy. This step was taken to avoid the loss of not only the cinema business owner but also the government and Indonesian film industry. This article aims to explain the inability of the new cinema policy to solve the problem and the battle of Indonesia film producers in facing the massive expansion of Hollywood movies. This is a macro-qualitative research which adapted
critical theory paradigm and the political economy approach


Cinema policy; Indonesian film industry; Global capitalism; Hollywood, Political economy

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