Cigarette Industry Intervention in the Implementation of Government Regulation on Tobacco Advertisement in the Indonesian Broadcast Media

Lailiya Nur Rokhman, Nina Mutmainnah


This research tries to reveal how the cigarette industry interfere the implementation of the Government Regulation (PP No 109/2012) on tobacco advertisement in the media broadcast. The approach used in this research is the political economy approach. This research conducts the document studies (in the form of minutes of meetings and media articles related to the arrangementprocess of PP 109/2012), it also conducts in-depth interviews with the broadcasting regulatory party. This study found that not only in the implementation process,but also in the arrangement rocess, thee government regulation considered not strong enough to manage thecigarette advertisement in the media broadcast. The recent regulation only limitsthe cigarette advertisements instead of prohibiting it. In the implementation phase, the broadcasting regulators have not implemented the regulation of PP 109/2012 maximumly. This research also found that the arrangement of the cigarette advertisements in the broadcast media takes sides more on the tobacco industry interests


PP 109/2012; cigarette industry intervention; political economy; tobacco advertisement; broadcast media

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